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Streetwise Retirement Planning


Millions of Americans reach retirement each year. Many of them realize too late that their savings is inadequate to meet their long-term needs. Even with careful preparation, the path to reaching retirement goals is not always a straight line. Streetwise Retirement Planning provides you with savvy, yet practical, information on retirement fundamentals.

Streetwise Retirement Planning covers how to anticipate and plan for the inevitable surprises and contingencies that can deplete a savings nest-egg, such as layoffs, medical crises, divorce, and market downturns. All the necessary tools for assessing your retirement needs are provided. Streetwise Retirement Planning helps you pull all the pieces together for a successful and rewarding retirement.


Complete Idiot's Guide to Accounting


Co-authored with CPA Shellie Moore, this book is the ideal beginner's guide for bookkeepers, accounting clerks, and small business owners, as well as anyone interested in an accounting career, this covers everything from developing a chart of accounts to issuing financial statements. Topics include:

  • Developing a general ledger and maintaining journals
  • Reporting assets and expenses, handling receivables, payroll, cost of goods and services, producing financial statements
  • Month- and year-end accounting tasks and procedures


Complete Idiot's Guide to Tax Breaks and Deductions


Focuses on how to make the best use of tax breaks and deductions for all types of financial planning needs. Reviews standard deductions and exemptions.  Includes special sections on retirement planning, education funding and tax issues when facing a divorce.


Streetwise Crash Course MBA


  • Coming in January 2005.

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